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Dr. Prange is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist. He works with with couples and individuals to deal with family issues. Additionally Dr, Prange teaches Child Development and Children and Divorce Classes. He also leads the relationship workshop, DEALING WITH THE MEN IN YOUR LIFE.


I designed the graphic below to remind couples and individuals to make statements rather than ask questions when dealing with significant others. I imagine every one reading this, had parents or some authority figure that asked questions like:


What are the right answers to the above questions? "10 times", "Because I am a bad child"? What is a good answer to the last question?

Questions do not make for good communication! If you ask questions people feel as if they are on trial or being interrogated. Usually questions result in defensiveness and anger. How do you like being questioned?

If you want to communicate with someone-MAKE STATEMENTS! Try things like-"I like it when you do that", "I don't like when you talk to me that way".

When you question a child you can create shame and guilt. Rather than "How many times have I told you to get your feet off of the furniture" try, "take your feet of the couch" or better yet, "the couch is for sitting on".

Print the picture to the left to remind yourself or If you would like a sticker like the one to the left please click this link Sticker and type sticker in the subject field and email the form.

Taking the time to learn to make statements can improve your relationships and is a excellent tool for communicating effectively with children.






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