Dr. Prange has worked to improve test success for individuals taking the California Bar the MAT, SAT, GRE, the MFCC and Psychology written and Oral exams, as well as, the Certified Public Accountant and Public service exams.  He has completed research in athletic performance enhancement, hypnosis and visualization.   

Changing the way you approach a test can help you improve performance. The more relaxed you are...... the more in control you are...... the beter you perform.

This mental preparation program involves individual sessions emphasizing, hypnosis, relaxation and visualization for better learning and improved test taking.  Each client receives an custom made audio disk to use for relaxation and learning. Disks are not mass produced. Each tape is designed and recorded specifically for the individual client and can include difficult to remember material in the tape.


It is best for you to have as much lead time as possible because the more often you listen to the tape the more ingrained the relaxation and new test taking skills become.  Learning and examinations are smoother and easier.


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