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This Bibliography includes books of interest and books I recommend.  The first two are the books that I recommend most often to clients.  Check back often as I will frequently add more titles. You can recommend books at Please note any information sent via email may not be confidential.

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How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

This is an excellent book for parents with children. It suggests and helps the reader learn new ways to deal more effectively with children.

When I Say No, I Feel Guilty by Manual Smith

This book teaches the reader how to be assertive rather than aggressive or passive. Very good book to skip around and read different parts. The techniques taught really work. Check out the vignette included in the book. They are great!! This book made a big difference in my life.

Diet, Vitamins and Health

The Mood Cure by Julia Ross

This book explains the links between diet vitamins and mood. It offers suggestions to help with depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder and other moods. Any suggestions in this book should be checked out with your physician before you try them, this is especially true if you are taking any medications.

Some Books on Performance

Though these books should help with performance in general many are more specific and pertain to performances in specific situations and endeavors. At the same time most of these books will give you about how to perform better in you specific areas of interest. I make individual tapes to aid in any specific area in my office. It usually only takes one session (recording you take home) to have a positive effect on Performance.

The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green and W. Timothy Gallwey (Author of The Inner Game of Tennis and The Inner Game of Golf).

This "Inner Game" book is excellent and certainly a help for any individual interested in improving musical performance. Some of the music information is a bit advanced but the concepts are certainly usefully. if you are more interested in sport the The Inner Game of Golf and Tennis are excellent books with techniques that will work for any performance.

The Mental Game of Baseball: A Guide to Peak Performance by H A Dorfman

This is a great book for those of you interested in Baseball and how baseball players think. Probably not the best book unless you have some interest in baseball but Some of the techniques can be used to improve other performance.

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)

Many of the clients I work with are Adult Children of Alcoholics. There are many good books on Adult Children. I have listed some below. Additionally, there are ACA meetings that can be very helpful if one in an Adult Child of an Alcoholics. If you are a child of an Alcoholic you will find these books and meetings can give you some insight into the effects of an Alcoholic Parent on your life and how would can make changes.

Repeat After Me; By Claudia Black, this is an excellent workbook that will help you to see the extent to which your alcoholic parent has influenced your life. It will also help you to make changes. Highly Recommended!

Struggle for Intimacy; by Janet Geringer Woititz, Another excellent book that will give insight into the impact of an alcoholic parent on you life. Also includes information on "being in a relationship with a Child of an Alcoholic".

Children and Divorce

Dinosaurs Divorce  By Marc Brown and Laurie Krasny Brown.

This is an excellent book for helping a child deal with Divorce. Marc Brown is the creator of the PBS children's program "Arthur". This book uses Dinosaur characters (lots of neat drawings) to help child understand and deal with divorce. I had and young adult read this book and tell me "that is just the way I felt. I wish I had this book when my parents divorced".

Another good book by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown is When Dinosaurs Die a great guide to to helping children understanding death. BOTH BOOKS ARE RECOMENDED FOR HELPING CHILDREN DEAL WITH DIFFICULT ISSUES. They should be included in any preschool library!


Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends, by Bruce Fisher

This book can be very helpful after a relationship ends. It helps the reader to process through the necessary steps for to rebuild self esteem, deal with loneness and grief as well as offering help in establishing new relationships.

Rebuilding Workbook: When Your Relationship Ends by Bruce Fisher and Jere Bierhaus

This workbook continues with the 'Rebuilding" book's themes and provides exercises and homework to help the individual rebuild after the end of a relationship.

The Hazards of Being Male: Surviving the Myth of Masculine Privilege by Herb Goldberg

This classic book has recently been revised and updated. It about how men, because they do not express feelings as well as women and because they stress themselves trying to live up to the masculine myth, are more susceptible to stress and more likely to have ulcers, heart attacks, commit crimes of violence use drugs and alcohol and be promiscuous or sex addicts. The book offers a path "out of the harness" to a new male. A great book for men or women and a help to any relationship.

Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself by Melody Beattie

This is an other classic book that has been revised recently. Melody Beattie does a real good job of discussing Co-Dependence and point out ways to change dependent and symbiotic behaviors. this book has been very helpful to many of my clients.

Your Inner Child of the Past by W. Missildine

This book is from the 1960's and has not, as far as I know, been revised. Never the less it is a very valuable book that can help one realize how childhood experiences impact adulthood. READ Carmen Matthews' review at the Amazon page (Inner Child Review). It seems to have impacted her life considerably. A very good book. There is also a The Inner Child Workbookby Cathryn L. Taylor that i have not used but looks to be worthwhile. If you read it before, me please let me know.

Sex, Lies, and Forgiveness written by Jennifer P. Schneider, M.D.

This book was recommended by a client as 'the book that helped her the most to get through the infidelities she and her husband dealt with in their Marriage". Highly recommended!!



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