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  Dr. John Prange is a Marriage Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience. He maintains a   private practice in Newport Beach, California consulting with individuals, businesses and teams   to provide psychotherapy, improve performance and enhance effectiveness.  He works with Children, Adolescents, and Adults to identify problems and helps the individual discover new more effective solutions and enhance everyday performance. Dr. Prange's doctoral dissertation was on athletic performance and Hypnosis. He has worked with professional athletes and teams he has worked to improve test success for individuals taking the California Bar, the MAT, SAT  GRE,LSAT, GMAT the MFT and Psychology exams both written and oral  as well at the Certified Public Account tests.   He has completed research in athletic performance enhancement, hypnosis and visualization and works with individuals and business to improve effectiveness, efficiency and motivation and learning power.  In many cases I am able to work with your Insurance Company.

This site was created to introduce you to Dr. John Prange, and to perhaps help on your way to positive happy relationships. It may also help you to perform better as a parent, partner or an individual.

There is a Bibliography with links to books that may be of interest to you or help in your journey.

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